3 Ways Parenting Made Me a Better Leader 

No books, seminars, coaching programs, or any amount of money could have taught me the leadership lessons I’ve learned from parenting. Yes, parenting! Nothing comes close.  

Being a mom of two wonderfully unique boys (aged 4 and 6) has been a crash course in exceptional leadership, and today I want to share three major parenting lessons that have, incidentally, made me a better business leader.  

Lesson 1: Treat Every Child (and Employee) Uniquely  

You might have heard the advice to “treat everyone equally.” But really you need to treat everyone uniquely. Each child, and each employee, is different and therefore responds differently to your interactions with them.  

For example, my 6-year-old is sensitive and responds to even the slightest change in my tone. But my 4-year-old is the challenger and never backs down. This diversity within my home taught me the importance of tailoring my leadership style to the individual needs and personalities of my team members at Brand Builders Group.  

Just as one parenting style doesn’t fit all, one leadership style doesn’t either. Recognizing and adapting to the uniqueness of each team member is crucial for fostering a supportive and productive work environment. Are you paying attention to the nuances of your team’s personalities and adjusting your leadership accordingly? 

Lesson 2: Nothing Replaces Quality Time 

The second lesson is about the value of quality time. Nothing replaces it. Quality moments with my children have strengthened our bond, and the same principle applies to my relationship with my team. It’s not about the quantity of time but the quality of those interactions that build trust and loyalty. Spending time to genuinely understand and care for your employees goes a long way in making them feel valued and connected to the mission of your company. When was the last time you had a conversation with a team member that wasn’t about KPIs or performance metrics? 

Lesson 3: Understand Motivations with the Carrot and Stick Approach 

Which motivational approach is better: the carrot (rewards) or the stick (punishments)? As my two sons taught me: it depends! My 6-year-old avoids trouble at all costs, while my 4-year-old will do anything for a donut. Similarly, understanding what motivates your team members can help you tailor your incentives and feedback to what truly drives them. This insight allows you to foster an environment where each individual feels motivated and appreciated in the way that resonates most with them. 

Parenting: the Best Leadership Course There Is 

These three lessons from parenting have improved my approach to leadership. The nuanced understanding of individual differences, the irreplaceable value of quality time, and the insight into personal motivation have not only made me a better parent but also a more effective leader. If you want to up your leadership game, remember that the principles of great parenting often apply in the workplace, too. 

And if you’re interested in refining your personal brand or leadership style, consider scheduling a Free Brand Call with Brand Builders Group. We’re here to help you increase your influence and turn you into the best leader you can be.  

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I am an entrepreneur, lover of all things creative and very proud boy mom. I am into personal development, spreadsheets and have a weird fascination with taxes. I write and talk on personal branding, entrepreneurship, business and life.  

P.S. I love Jesus, and I talk about my faith a lot. Just know that going in.

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