5 Tips to Turn Your Dreams into Dollars 

Are you trying to figure out how to turn your mission (or your message, your passion, your calling, or whatever you like to call it) into the thing that makes you money? Well you’re in the right place! Today, I want to share five insights to build a business that makes the world a better place and supports your lifestyle. 

1. Success Is Built on Mistakes 

Success is about making as many mistakes as possible as quickly and as inexpensively as possible. This allows you to learn, pivot, and grow. Success isn’t a foundation of victories, it’s built on the countless mistakes and failures you overcome.  

When Brand Builders Group started, we totally experienced this. We expanded our offerings way too quickly, only to condense them just as fast when we realized we were spreading ourselves too thin. (We knew that we needed to condense our offers because our audience told us. So pay attention to what your customers buy, renew, and recommend. Slow down to listen.) 

2. The Emotion vs. Logic Debate 

Your passion must be both emotional and logical. Emotionally, you should feel like you can’t NOT do this—it should be something you’re deeply convicted about. Logically, your idea needs to survive in the marketplace. What are people asking for? What are they willing to buy from you? This balance between emotion and market logic is essential to create a viable business. 

3. Sell Before You Market 

Selling is fast, marketing is slow. If you think you need to build a website, launch a podcast, and set up social media before you start selling, think again. Those are long, expensive routes. Instead, talk to people. Share your story. Why? Because your story helps you connect with your audience more than your product ever will. 

Your personal brand is crucial here. Knowing why you do what you do, how you do it, and what makes it different helps you connect with your audience. Don’t be afraid to speak anywhere people will listen, whether it’s churches, associations, business journals, or rotary clubs. The power of proximity is real—be present and share your story. 

4. Build a Community 

Community is what helps your business spread. Find a group of people who can rally behind your products and services and shout them from the rooftops because they work. Ensure your product or service delivers results. Have testimonials and case studies to prove it. Offer your products and services for free initially to gather feedback and build your portfolio of success stories. 

Every successful product has been tested extensively before it’s launched. Be willing to offer your services for free to perfect them. When you go live, you’ll have the validation, confidence, and proof that your product works. 

5. Prioritize Your Life 

Many of us start our own business thinking it will allow us to build a lifestyle that caters to our personal needs, only to find ourselves more stressed and with less time. The business cannot come first. Prioritize your life—your family, your faith, your personal time—and fit the business around that. When I put my faith, marriage, and family first, the business works. If I don’t, everything struggles.  

Keep the main thing the main thing, and let your business fit into that structure. If you’re feeling called to turn your passion into a business, remember it’s there for a reason. Give it time, stay committed, and eventually, you’ll see the impact you’re meant to make. 

If you’re ready to take the next step in turning your passion into profit, consider scheduling a Free Brand Call with Brand Builders Group. Let’s build something amazing together.  

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I'm AJ Vaden

I am an entrepreneur, lover of all things creative and very proud boy mom. I am into personal development, spreadsheets and have a weird fascination with taxes. I write and talk on personal branding, entrepreneurship, business and life.  

P.S. I love Jesus, and I talk about my faith a lot. Just know that going in.

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