The #1 Way To Start Making Money In A New Business Right Now

Startups need cash—and they need it fast. They don’t have time to waste getting lost in the complexities of shiny objects and buzzy marketing tools. Sure, you want to grow your social media following and build fancy sales funnels.  

But there’s one strategy that is often overlooked yet incredibly powerful for monetizing your startup. What is it? Referrals.  

The Misunderstood Power of Referrals 

Referrals are not about convincing every friend and family member to buy from you. That’s a common misconception. And it’s not the Girl Scout cookie strategy of hitting up every neighbor on your street, either.  

Instead, it’s about leveraging the trust and relationships you’ve already built with people who know, like, and trust you. Reach out to these people and ask them if they know others who could benefit from what you’re offering. 

This approach is subtly different but significantly more powerful than what many perceive referrals to be. You’re not asking your immediate circle to make a purchase. You’re asking them to extend your reach to potential clients who trust their judgment. 

Why Referrals Are Your Startup’s Best Friend 

Referrals are the quickest path to cash. They are the easiest way to start generating revenue without the need for a massive marketing budget or a large audience. Why? The reason is simple: referrals come from a place of trust. When someone refers your business, they’re essentially lending you their credibility. This form of credibility can open doors that would otherwise remain closed. 

How Not To Ask For Referrals 

There’s an art to asking for referrals. It’s not enough to simply ask, “Do you know anyone who might be interested?” That’s too vague and often results in a polite “I’ll think about it,” which is code for “I’m going to forget about this conversation the moment it’s over.” Your job is to make it as easy as possible for people to refer you. 

This means being clear about who you want to be referred to. Not in a granular, overly specific way, but in a manner that paints a clear picture of your ideal customer. For example, instead of saying you help entrepreneurs, say that you help rising entrepreneurs in the early stages of their business who are motivated and interested in personal development. 

Crafting Your Referral Request 

Let’s say you’re offering a service that helps entrepreneurs monetize their brand. A strong referral request might look like this: “Hey, I know you’re connected with a lot of rising entrepreneurs. I have a new startup aimed at helping them monetize their brands faster. If you know anyone in that early one-to-three-year stage, who’s really driven and into personal development, I’d love an introduction.” 

By framing your request this way, you’re not only making it easier for your contact to think of someone who fits your criteria, but you’re also making it more likely that the referral will be a good fit for your business. 

An Example Of A Bad Referral 

“I do hypnotic weight loss. Do you know anyone I should talk to?” Nothing against hypnotic weight loss, but that is NOT how you should ask for referrals.  

This approach is too niche and painfully vague. A better way to ask for a referral is to say this:  

“I cater to women who’ve struggled with weight their entire lives and are looking for a new approach after trying everything else. If you know someone who fits this description, I’d love an introduction.” 

How Quick Can You Activate Your Network? 

The fastest way to monetize your new startup isn’t through elaborate marketing strategies but through something much more simple: referrals from your network. The prerequisite is knowing precisely who you want to work with and having the courage to ask for those referrals.  

Instead of getting lost in the maze of digital marketing tactics, try leveraging the trust you’ve already built within your network to grow your business. See where it takes you.  

And if you’re struggling to clarify your brand’s message or identify your ideal customer, scheduling a Free Brand Call with Brand Builders Group could be the game-changer you need. We specialize in helping entrepreneurs like you become the go-to experts in their industry.  

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