What Makes a Great Story?

In the world of storytelling, it’s not just about narrating events—it’s about sharing experiences that resonate with others. I’m often asked, “What makes a great story?” The answer is simpler than you might think: a great story always has a clear point. It’s the point that makes a story worth retelling and worth hearing. 

The Power of Pointed Stories 

Stories are everywhere. They’re in the everyday moments, big life events, and even in the mundane activities. But not every story sticks. The ones that do, the ones we eagerly share with others, have a clear point. It could be something as simple as a surprising incident or as profound as a life-changing event. But it’s the point that makes a story memorable and impactful. 

Tips for Becoming a Master Storyteller 

  1. Document Your Daily Discoveries: Start by keeping a note on your phone titled ‘Stories’. Jot down anything that strikes you—be it at the grocery store, during a dinner date, or in the middle of a parenting challenge. These daily interactions are fertile ground for storytelling. 
  1. Reflect on Life’s Pivotal Moments: Think about the events that have shaped you. From childhood experiences to significant adult decisions, these are the stories that often define us. They don’t need to have a clear point right away. The first step is to recognize and remember them. 
  1. Share Your Unique Experiences: The best stories are the ones only you can tell. They’re about your experiences, your insights, your life. They resonate because they’re authentic, and they offer a connection point for others. 

Uncovering Stories in the Everyday 

A day at the grocery store with my kids can turn into a story about parenting and independence. A conversation overheard at a restaurant can spark thoughts on workplace dynamics. It’s about looking at the world with a storyteller’s eye and recognizing the narrative in the nuances of everyday life. 

Why Your Stories Matter 

Your stories are worth telling. They create a sense of community and connection. When you share a story, someone else might think, “Me too,” or “I needed to hear that today.” It’s in this shared experience that we find solace, inspiration, and a sense of belonging. 

Start Your Storytelling Journey 

So, what’s your story? Begin by making a list. Look around you every day, document the moments that move you, and start sharing. Remember, it’s about finding the point in your story and connecting with others through it. 

Need guidance in shaping your personal brand story? Feel free to schedule a Free Brand Call with Brand Builders Group. We’re here to help you tell your story in a way that resonates and connects. 

Your story is waiting to be told. Start writing it today. 

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