3 Signs You’re Ready to Write a Book

Writing a book is like launching a business. It’s a big deal! And that means the “to book or not to book” decision is a meaty one. So how do you know when it’s the right time to put pen to paper and share your story with the world? Here are three signs you’re ready […]

Your Best Salesperson Isn’t on Payroll

Your most effective salespeople aren’t the ones you pay. They’re the ones that pay YOU.   What am I talking about? I’m talking about your customers, the people who already use and love your service, and equipping them with the resources they need to sell your offer to their network. When done correctly, your customers can […]

What To Do When You’ve Lost Your Audience’s Attention  

Ever found yourself in front of an audience, be it during a presentation, a coaching session, or while leading a group, only to realize they’ve checked out? Their eyes glazed over, phones in hand, clearly wishing they were anywhere but there. It’s a presenter’s nightmare, but it’s also a pivotal moment that can transform the […]

3 Ways Parenting Made Me a Better Leader 

No books, seminars, coaching programs, or any amount of money could have taught me the leadership lessons I’ve learned from parenting. Yes, parenting! Nothing comes close.   Being a mom of two wonderfully unique boys (aged 4 and 6) has been a crash course in exceptional leadership, and today I want to share three major parenting […]

How I Survive Working with My Spouse (4 Strategies)

Of all people, entrepreneurs are most likely to blur the lines between business and personal life. And if your spouse also happens to be your business partner? Pshhh! The lines blur into oblivion. My husband and I, along with many other entrepreneurial couples, grappled with this challenge head on.   We talked about work at breakfast. […]

One Simple Question to Know If You’re Ready to Launch

Can we please bust the myth of launching already?   Yes, launching a new product or service feels like a daunting endeavor. But there’s this pervasive myth that you need to have everything perfectly aligned before you launch: a stunning website, a massive social media following, an expansive email list, and perhaps even your own podcast.   […]

The #1 Way To Start Making Money In A New Business Right Now

Startups need cash—and they need it fast. They don’t have time to waste getting lost in the complexities of shiny objects and buzzy marketing tools. Sure, you want to grow your social media following and build fancy sales funnels.   But there’s one strategy that is often overlooked yet incredibly powerful for monetizing your startup. What […]

MORE Isn’t the Answer.

Everywhere you turn there are people racing for MORE customers, MORE sales, MORE everything. This rat race is the water we all swim in.  But what if I told you that the secret to success isn’t necessarily in doing MORE, but doing more of what matters? Essentially, success is about becoming better, not bigger. Look […]

Word of Mouth Marketing 

As the co-founder of Brand Builders Group, I’ve had the privilege of working closely with many individuals on their journey to building a remarkable personal brand. In a world seemingly dominated by digital marketing and social media, I want to share a crucial, often overlooked truth about personal branding.  The Misconception of Digital Dominance  It’s […]

Should I Create a Course or a Membership Program?

The world of online business is brimming with opportunities, and often, entrepreneurs find themselves at a crossroads: should you create a course, launch a membership program, or perhaps neither? This is a question I get asked frequently, and today, I want to share my candid thoughts on this critical decision.  The Reality of Creating Online […]