How to Turn Your Audience into a Community 

Before we jump into the meat of today’s article, I want to give you three buckets to categorize this information.  

We’re talking about your community, and specifically the community you create in your business. You probably know and recognize the communities in your personal life (church, family, barre3 classes). But what about the communities that are related to your business?  

These business-related communities are critical for building an enduring brand with a sustainable competitive advantage. And they fall into three main buckets:  

1. General Community: This mostly includes your professional connections, but it also might include your personal and family connections.  

2. Client Relationships: These are your customers, the people who pay for your products and services.  

3. Team Community: This includes full-time employees, part-time contractors, vendors, and anyone else who plays a role in your business’s growth and survival.  

Now think about those three buckets as I walk you through the three pillars of building a thriving business community (as inspired by my lovely interview with Lindsey Schwartz). 

Pillar 1: Know the Difference Between an Audience and a Community 

An audience is a one-to-one relationship. A community is about creating connections among your audience members, allowing your business to grow beyond you. Think of yourself as the host of a party. Your job is to send out invitations, not entertain every guest the entire time. Your role is to bring people together and let them interact. 

Pillar 2: Create a Magnetic Culture 

Culture is a magnet that attracts or repels people. A well-defined culture will draw in those who resonate with it and push away those who don’t. Here’s how to create a culture that attracts the right people: 

1. Unify Around a Common Mission: What is your rallying cry? What mission brings everyone together? At Brand Builders Group, we serve mission-driven messengers who prioritize mission over money, believing that serving people well leads to financial success. 

2. Identify the Aspirational Persona: Who does your community want to become? Understand who your community aspires to be and attract those individuals. Do they want to be better wealth managers? More supported working moms? Empowered entrepreneurs? Know your target audience and know where to find them. 

Pillar 3: Facilitate Connections 

Find creative and practical ways for people to connect. Here are three things that have worked for us at Brand Builders Group. 

1. Use Platforms for Connection: Internally, we use tools like “Hey Taco” on Microsoft Teams to shout out co-workers for being awesome. We’ve also set up co-working spaces and quarterly social events for our staff to spend time together.  

2. Build a Community Hub: We spent a year building an app for our clients that consolidates various ways to connect. From live trainings to networking calls, topic-specific forums, and social feeds, our app offers a one-stop-shop for community interaction. 

3. Host Events: We organize virtual and in-person events to bring our clients and employees together. Whether it’s a free Facebook group, Zoom meetups, or client appreciation events, the goal is to facilitate connections beyond just us. 

Turning an Audience into an Engaged Community 

Your goal should be to move beyond connecting with your audience 1-1. Instead, help your people connect with each other. This transformation turns an audience into an alive, durable, and engaged community.  

So take a moment to reflect. Which aspect of community resonates most with you right now? Is it your general community, client relationships, or team? Pick one and start building those connections.  

If you ever need guidance on building your community and personal brand, reach out to us at Brand Builders Group. We offer free Brand Strategy Calls and can support your community-building efforts.  

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P.S. I love Jesus, and I talk about my faith a lot. Just know that going in.

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