How to Write a Children’s Book

Whether you’ve ever or never thought about writing a children’s book, hear me out. Kids shouldn’t have to wait until they’re adults to learn the valuable life lessons you’ve accumulated over the years. Would you consider writing a children’s book and sharing your message with the youngest generation?  

If you have even the slightest itch to author a book for kids, this article will guide your decision and path forward.    

The Time My Husband Spontaneously Wrote a Children’s Book 

One night a few years ago, as we were putting our toddlers to bed, my husband suddenly said, “Babe, I have to go!” He dashed out of the room, leaving me to finish the bedtime routine. About 45 minutes later, I wondered where he had gone. He emerged from the bathroom (yes, the bathroom!), holding his phone and announced, “I just wrote a kid’s book.” 

I was stunned. “You wrote a kid’s book… in the bathroom?”  

He handed me his phone, and as I started reading, I couldn’t believe my eyes. In just 30 minutes he had written an entire children’s book. (But take note: my husband’s dash of Divine inspiration was the culmination of 14 years of fleshing out concepts from his first book, Take the Stairs.) 

The Making of a Children’s Book 

When I read what my husband had whipped up, I started crying. His children’s book, Be the Buffalo, beautifully conveyed a vital lesson I want my kids to learn. It teaches kids that facing challenges head-on leads to better outcomes in the long run. This analogy, a key lesson from his earlier book Take the Stairs, was perfectly adapted for kids. 

Essentially what my husband did was transform his 250-page business book (Take the Stairs) into a 200-word poem for children. It required distilling complex ideas into a simple, engaging format that kids would love and understand. 

Bridging the Gap: Sharing Adult Wisdom with Kids 

As adults, we read countless books on leadership, communication, self-discipline, and more. But why must we wait until adulthood to learn these crucial life lessons? Imagine if our kids could learn these principles early on, shaping them into confident, empathetic leaders and individuals. 

There’s a noticeable lack of children’s books that address these important life skills. This realization sparked a mission: why not adapt powerful content for adults to nurture the next generation? Authors, content creators, educators—this is a call to action. 

Transforming Adult Content for Kids 

Think about the valuable lessons you’ve learned over the years. What if those lessons were available to you as a child? How different would your journey have been? Reflecting on this can inspire us to share our knowledge with the younger generation, equipping them with the tools they need to navigate life successfully. 

If you have content that resonates with adults, consider how it could be tailored for children. Whether it’s a book, curriculum, course, or even a series of blog articles, your insights can significantly impact young minds. 

Bringing Be the Buffalo to Life 

We needed help to turn the Be the Buffalo manuscript into a children’s book. That’s where our friend Eevi Jones came in. Eevi specializes in transforming adult content into children’s books. Her expertise was invaluable in making our vision a reality. 

If you’re considering this path, I highly recommend reaching out to Eevi. She helped us bring our lessons to life for children, and she can do the same for you. 

Ready to Write a Kids’ Book? 

This is my heartfelt plea. You have valuable experiences and lessons to share. Why not equip kids with the knowledge and wisdom you’ve acquired and inspire the next generation to be better, sooner? 

If you have any questions or want to explore this further, connect with Eevi here and start creating impactful content for children. 

Here’s to empowering the next generation with wisdom and love! 

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