3 Quick Tips to Legally Protect Your Personal Brand 

It’s one thing to HAVE a personal brand. It’s a whole other thing to PROTECT it. After my conversation with Autumn Witt Boyd, founder and owner of the AWB Law Firm, it’s clear that protecting a personal brand is something all content creators need to do. 

Before I share three key points from my conversation with Autumn, keep in mind that you don’t have to call yourself a “content creator” for this conversation to apply to you. If you have a website, publish a blog, or use a signature methodology in your business, legally protecting your brand is your responsibility.  

Tip #1: Start with a Clean Slate 

When you’re in the early stages of building your business, you have to choose a name for your brand, book, course, keynote, or key pieces of content. When you do, please ensure that you’re starting with a clean slate. Confirm that no one else in the market is already using that name. There’s a certain emotional attachment that develops once you decide on a name, and having to change it later can feel like starting over. So get it right from the beginning by doing the following three steps. 

1. Check the US Patent and Trademark Office  

Ensure that the name you want isn’t already trademarked. This initial filter can save you a lot of trouble down the line. 

2. Do a Thorough Google Search   

Conduct a detailed search, going beyond the first couple of pages of Google. Go at least 5-7 pages deep to see if anything pops up. Document your search by taking screenshots that include the date. This provides proof that you did your due diligence. 

3. Check Social Media Platforms   

Search the name on all major social media platforms to make sure it’s not in use. This includes Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. 

Tip #2: Conduct Detailed Searches 

Next, take your search further: 

1. Amazon Search   

Even though a book title alone can’t be trademarked, it’s good to know if the name is already in use. If it’s a little-known book with few sales and customer reviews, it might still be usable. Use common sense and proceed with caution.  

2. Podcast Libraries 

Check podcast directories like Spotify and Apple Podcasts to see if your desired name is already being used for a show. 

3. Handle Searches   

Make sure the name isn’t already someone’s handle on platforms where you plan to be active. 

Tip #3: Document Proof  

Document all your findings to prove you were the first to use the name. This is crucial because legal favor goes to those who establish use first.  

1. Screenshots with Dates   

Save screenshots of your searches showing the date, ideally with your calendar in the background. This can serve as evidence if disputes arise later. 

2. Trademark Your Brand  

Once you’ve ensured the name is clear and available, take the next step to legally protect it. Filing for a trademark can cost anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, but it’s worth it for a name you’ll use long-term and have an emotional investment in. 

Final Steps to Protect Your Brand 

The more effort you put into protecting your brand upfront, the less hassle you’ll face later. Make sure it’s truly yours and take the necessary legal steps to protect it.  

If you found this advice helpful and want more direction on how to build and protect your personal brand, consider scheduling a Free Brand Call with Brand Builders Group. We’ll ensure your brand stands strong and secure from day one! 

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