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Hey everyone, AJ Vaden here. Today, I want to share something a little different with you. It’s not just about content but a slice of inspiration, and a gentle reminder that sometimes, the best things in life take time to blossom. 

The CEO’s Struggle: A Personal Brand in the Making 

As many of you know, I’m the CEO and Co-founder of Brand Builders Group, working alongside my amazing husband, Roy Vaden. Our mission? To help people build and monetize their personal brands, becoming the go-to person in their respective fields. But here’s a twist – while I’ve been helping others shine, I’ve been on a personal quest to develop my own brand for over a decade. 

Life’s Interruptions or Self-Made Barriers? 

Life has a funny way of throwing curveballs. Between building a business, traveling, and being a mother, I convinced myself that these were the reasons I couldn’t focus on my brand. But the truth? I realized I hadn’t been clear on what problem I solve. I was lost in a sea of ambiguity, unclear about my calling and the message I wanted to convey. Despite doing this for a living, it took me years to apply these principles to my own journey. 

The Power of Clarity and Patience 

This brings me to the inspirational part of my story. It took four years of intentional soul-searching, but I’ve finally reached a place of clarity. I’ve learned to embrace patience, resisting the urge to rush the process or compare myself to others. This period of waiting has been crucial for me to understand my true calling. 

The Light Bulb Moment 

In the past few days, I’ve experienced a series of epiphanies, seeing signs in everything I read, listen to, or discuss. It’s as if the universe is affirming my newfound clarity. This journey of self-discovery has been ten years in the making, but now, I’m more certain than ever about my purpose and the message I want to share with the world. 

A Message of Hope and Encouragement 

My advice to you? Don’t rush your journey. Embrace the stillness and the waiting. It’s in these moments that we often find the missing pieces of our puzzle. Be patient, look inward, and trust that clarity will come. When it does, it will be worth every second of the wait. 

Embrace Your Pace 

Remember, everyone’s journey is unique. Don’t get swayed by others’ progress. Focus on your path, and let your heart guide you. The clarity and conviction you gain in the process will be your greatest strength. 

As someone who’s been there, I encourage you to schedule a Free Brand Call with Brand Builders Group. Let us help you find your clarity and purpose, just as I found mine. 

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I'm AJ Vaden

I am an entrepreneur, lover of all things creative and very proud boy mom. I am into personal development, spreadsheets and have a weird fascination with taxes. I write and talk on personal branding, entrepreneurship, business and life.  

P.S. I love Jesus, and I talk about my faith a lot. Just know that going in.

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