3 Signs Your Personal Branding Strategy Is Off 

Ever heard of inverse thinking? It’s a decision-making tool that every entrepreneur should have in their toolbox because it gives you a fresh perspective on your stickiest problems. Problems such as “How do I validate my product idea?” or “Why isn’t my audience hiring me?” or the perennial kicker, “What should I do to grow my personal brand?”  

Today let’s apply inverse thinking to that last problem about growing your personal brand. And instead of asking what you SHOULD do to grow your personal brand, we’re inverting the question. What SHOULDN’T you do to grow your personal brand? Keep reading to find out. 

### The Tale of Overwhelming Opportunities 

Recently I was involved in a conversation that perfectly encapsulates the overwhelming nature of misguided personal branding efforts. Picture this: a well-known individual gearing up for a massive launch. The plan? Spend over a million dollars on paid traffic, collaborate massively for one-day events, and expand an email list by a staggering 100,000—all within a month. As impressive as it sounds, the vibe on the call wasn’t of excitement. Everyone was overwhelmed. It was a classic case of big numbers and bigger expectations. 

And there, in that moment of collective overwhelm, we all realized something crucial—just because you *can* do something, doesn’t mean you *should*. 

### When It Just Doesn’t Feel Right 

The first red flag in personal branding (or any endeavor, really) is that gut feeling of discomfort. If a strategy doesn’t resonate with you, if it feels misaligned with your message, your values, or your audience—it probably is. The path to building a strong personal brand isn’t paved with forced strategies or dreaded tactics. It’s sculpted by actions that feel authentic to who you are and what you stand for. In other words, if it ties your stomach into knots, don’t do it. 

### The Trap of Comparison 

The second pitfall of personal branding is the comparison game. If your reason for pursuing a particular strategy is because someone else is doing it or because it’s the hot trend that everyone seems to be cashing in on, stop right there. Personal branding isn’t about keeping up with the Joneses. It’s about carving out your unique space in a way that genuinely reflects your personal mission and vision. Besides, a “keeping up with the Joneses” mentality puts you on the path to commoditization.  

### Do You Even Like It? 

Finally, ask yourself: “Do I like what I’m doing?” If you’re dreading every step of your branding strategy, it’s time to reassess. Not everyone needs to conquer every social media platform or host grandiose events. Sometimes the most effective strategies are the simplest ones. Engage in activities that you enjoy and that bring you closer to your audience in meaningful ways. 

### Conclusion: Build Your Brand on Your Terms 

Building a personal brand doesn’t have to be an exhausting marathon of doing everything and anything. Nobody gets extra points for making it more miserable than it needs to be. Personal branding is about making strategic choices that are in line with your personal ethos, that resonate with your audience, and that genuinely excite you.  

At Brand Builders Group, we believe in creating strategies that are tailored to your unique brand personality. If you want a simplified branding strategy that aligns more closely with what truly matters, schedule a [Free Brand Call](#) with us today. 

By focusing on what NOT to do, you might just find that building your personal brand becomes a more enjoyable, impactful, and authentic experience.  

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